What Can You Relax Right Now?

Our bodies need to relax as much as they need to workout. (Note: I’m writing this blog for me as much as for you because I’m not good at relaxing)  But there are a numbers of ways or parts of the body that we can relax throughout the day without adding relaxation time to our already busy lives.

For example be a little more self aware.  I often notice that when I brush my teeth my shoulder is shrugged up to my ear and I can relax it.  The other day, I was driving when I noticed I was arching my low back in a very alert position.  My low back was tight.  I relaxed.  I think when we start to pay attention there are a lot of moments during the day like this.  It’s not necessarily hard to relax, but we do have to think about releasing the tension that creeps in.

Today, when you get into bed check in with your body.  Are you really at ease?  Have you sunk as deeply into the mattress and pillow as you can?  Is your jaw tight?  Are your eyebrows furrowed?  Is there a part of your body you can relax?

When you exercise, […]