Happy Birthday: Personal Euphoria Turns Ten

Some of the PE team standing outside the studio.

Twelve years ago, I started teaching an evening Pilates class at Healthtrax in Newington.  After two years of teaching at the gym and completing my STOTT certification program, I left my job as Assistant Director of Education at the Mark Twain House & Museum to start my own Pilates company.

This was not an easy decision.  Working at the Twain House was mostly great.  The staff was fun and supportive.  I had the opportunity to meet some interesting people like Henry Rollins, Spike Lee, Hal Holbrook, and Ken Burns to name a few.  I still kick myself for not meeting Kurt Vonnegut when I had the chance.  And, perhaps best of all, I had a key to enter Mark Twain’s house pretty much any time I wanted.  I got to help decorate for Christmas.  I got paid to read.  I got to meet tourists and teachers from all over the world.  I gave all that up to teach Pilates and start my own business.  It was risky and scary.

When I left the Twain House I had one Pilates class.  Now my schedule is […]