Better Balance Tips

Balancing with Jimmy & Taylor on NBC CT Live

We have so many exercise options for improving balance. The key is to come up with exercises you will commit to because it takes time to see improvement in balance. You need to devote 30-50 min workouts 2-3 times per week for 12 weeks, 8 weeks for athletes. But do that and research shows you will develop better balance. Balance training is worthwhile. When you workout for balance you additionally gain strength and reduce the chance of injury.

Below are some exercise suggestions, but, ultimately, you want to make balance training a game and make it playful. Balance with a friend. Balance outside. Figure out what will make you commit to balance training for 12 weeks.

Tips for Better Balance:

To help you remember these balance tips, consider the acronym BASIC—there is a little cheat in this one (you’ll SEE what I mean).

  • Spend time BAREFOOT

This option isn’t for everyone right away. If you have a foot injury or being barefoot hurts your feet, you will need to build up over time. But if you are okay being barefoot, walk around in safe spaces. Or […]