Why I Move

My Grandma at 88 on a Stability Ball. My Grandma at 88 on a Stability Ball.

There are lots of reasons I move.  It makes me feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, and there are a lot of physical activities I think are fun that I want the freedom to do.  I’m also really antsy, and I use movement to burn off extra, jittery energy. 


But if I’m going to overanalyze it and step back into the reaches of my brain for why I move and believe it’s so important to creating a better life, I have to, at least in part, attribute it to my Grandparents.  My Grandpa Downie was antsy too.  I never saw him sit without a foot tapping, and he was really active until he hit about 80.   But it was more my Grandma.  When I was born she’d been wheelchair bound and bedridden for thirty years.