Sigh of Relief

This morning I had to have blood drawn. I don’t enjoy this process.  I went to the normal lab I love, but the woman I know and like wasn’t there.  It was 7:30am.  I’d been fasting so in my rule book I had reason to be crabby, but I wasn’t.  This new woman behind the counter was.  She took my paperwork and sighed with utter exasperation, as if my passing her the paper was putting her over the edge.

“Sorry, it’s been a long day, “she said.  I replied, “It’s rough when it’s long before 9am.”  But I really didn’t mind.  It was unprofessional, but I appreciate people have bad days and it’s not the end of the world.  I’m also really into breathing, and I know that sigh when you let all the air out audibly is good.  So I naively presume she’s feeling better.  She had a good sigh.  The world must be back to normal.

Nope.  She continues sighing as she fills out my forms.  I hope with each sigh that before she gets in the back room with me and a needle she’ll let out all her frustration.

She calls me into the room.  And I give my usual […]