Travel Sites & Places to Visit

Movement is what enables us to do all the things we enjoy in life.  Eating is movement.  Breathing is movement.  Talking is movement.  For me, one of my favorite ways to move it to travel the globe.  Here is a sampling of some of the travel sites that still make me smile when they cross my mind:

Favorite Trips:

Salt Flats in Bolivia:

Stand in the center of the salt flats and all you see is white to the horizon line.  You can play games with perspective in pictures.  I’d love to return in rainy season when the white salt with a layer of water reflects that sky and people upon it. 

Hot Springs in Pamukale, Turkey: 

As you approach the hot springs it looks like people are soaking in snowcapped inlets on a mountainside.  The reality is more like hard baking soda surrounding warm blue baths.  It’s quite unique.  In Yellowstone there is a smaller version of something similar […]

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Favorite Muscle

Do you have a favorite muscle? Since you were a kid you probably had a favorite color, number, animal, and flower. We pick favorites for everything. Why not have a favorite muscle. It might make you think about your body more, plus you might enjoy working it.

You can have any reason for liking a particular muscle. In high school I liked the Latissimus Dorsi. That’s a large muscles that wraps around your side from a large portion of your back up toward your shoulder. We dissected cats; it stood out, and I always remembered it. That was reason enough to like it.

As anyone who takes my classes know, I like to work the butt, so I’m generally a fan of the gluteus maximus. That’s the largest muscle in the body.

My favorite name for a muscle is the sternocleidomastoid. That’s in the neck. I don’t particularly like to work or stretch this muscle, but I sure like to say it.

You don’t have to go do research to find all the funny names of the muscles. There are many you […]

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