Slow Eating

It’s pretty much general knowledge that if you eat slower, you’ll probably eat less. With slower eating you are paying more attention to what you are doing and you notice when you get full. So here are just some tips to help you eat slower:

• Use chopsticks (especially if you aren’t good with them).

• Close your eyes (turns out people who eat while blindfolded eat on average 22% less—who knew?)

• Try using your non-dominant hand.

• Eat snack foods like chips and pretzels and popcorn one at a time instead of a handful or mouthful.

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Challenge Update Food

I’m not sure that I dealt with food enough this year in my challenge to get in the best shape of my life. I planned all these challenges, but thought little about what I would eat. And to some degree, while I was in the midst of a challenge it really didn’t matter. Well, I was burning calories, which was good, but what I put in my body is still important.

My problem is, I LOVE TO EAT. And I’m not good at curbing that. Lately, even though my exercise output has been less my food output hasn’t changed. And all I seem to want is saltly and sweat stuff. Give me guacamole with chips or chocolate and I’m a happy girl. Those seem to be my three favorite foods of late.

I’ve been trying to eat well Monday through Friday afternoon. Eating well for me means no desserts or sweets (other than fruit), trying not to overeat, a salad for one meal a day, reasonably healthy foods (not Chinese food or super greasy pizza, although I do make […]

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Food & Deprivation

I’m about to turn thirty and my official challenge of getting in the best shape of my life will be on full force. I’m completely confident I can do all my physical challenges (provided I don’t get hurt), but eating well is a little harder for me. I get three birthday meals and this is what I have selected:

1) Ham and Mac and Cheese
2) Fried Dough
3) French Fries (there will be other food there, but I really would be happy if there were only French fries)

And this doesn’t even mention the desserts that come after each meal. I know eating healthy isn’t about deprivation, but that’s what has always worked for me since I’m just not great at the whole moderation thing in anything I do. It is easier for me not to eat dessert for a month than to have a little dessert every day. I’m better at saying “no” than “a little.”

So any tips because by this time next week, I’ll be thirty and the challenge is on.

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Junk Food

Ugh!!! I can’t have junk food in the house. It’s all got to go. I’ve been really good about no dessert this month, but I’ve been less good about foods that are snack-like and salty. If it looks like this, it has to go:

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