Yesterday I wrote a blog encouraging people to fidget.  I keep thinking about it.  In the scheme of things, I don’t think fidgeting is bad for you or going to hurt anyone.  The body wants to move.  But it does seem to oppose stillness, calm, and tranquility—something many of us are searching for in life.
So where is the balance—how are you still, but not too still?  How do you listen to everything you are supposed to do to be healthy and make time for all of it?  Should I be fidgeting while I meditate? 
Try not to let yourself get too crazy.  (Words I need to remember myself sometimes.) 
Here’s the thing, if you are active you’re probably doing okay.  If you know you have a sedentary job and you don’t generally make time for movement in your life, you know you need to move more.    If you are an avid fidgeter, I don’t think it’s something to worry about changing, but it might be a fun or good challenge for you to try and stop fidgeting—just know that’s going to lower your NEAT.