Ugh.  I don’t mean to…I’m all about the mind/body connection, but mention mediation and my eyes spontaneously roll.   But I know all the research claims meditation is good for us.  And here’s just some of the reasons why:

·         Meditating increase dopamine, which may make you less impulsive

·         Meditation can help you make better choices with food, exercises and life in general

·         Meditation helps reduce stress

·         A study found people who engaged in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for 8-weeks  showed gains in brain size, particularly in areas that help us learn, remember, be calm, and conduct critical evaluation

It makes it seem like we should meditate all the time.  I definitely think I need to be more restful.  I need to stop more and find the calm.  I may have to look at mediation differently.  This is going to be especially imporatnt if my New Year’s Resolution is to find balance and rest more. Perhaps I can see it as a game or practice breathing or just hang upside down in my yoga swing.  I’ll start now.  I’m off to hang upside down.  Wish me luck that I last more than one minute.

Do you have a unique way you meditate or find calm?  What works for you?