Earlier this month I went to cheer on some friends at the Hartford Half Marathon.  I’ve never been on the cheering end before.  In the past I’d either been running or hadn’t made it there.  Last year when I ran the half, I went to watch some friends at the finish line after they finished a full marathon.  Watching people cross the finish line was rewarding and emotional.  You wish you could know everyone’s story.  What inspired all these people to run 26.2 miles?

This time I stood out on the street around mile 5.5 and cheered for runners—some are focused and intent with ear buds so they can’t even hear you; others reach out to give the kids lining the streets a high five.  There was such a crowd I didn’t even get to see everyone I’d come to support.  But cheering for people was fun.  I was impressed and so happy with everyone who seemed to run by in a blink of an eye. 

It made me feel lucky to have my job.  Ultimately, a big part of my job is cheering people on and encouraging people in their health and wellness.  I’m glad I enjoy that so much.

Can you cheer someone on today?