We aren’t usually incentivized to fix something until it’s broken. And that makes sense, but when it comes to many items in our lives, we are often completely willing to do regular maintenance. We bring our car in for a check-up. We get our get our teeth cleaned.

Where we sometimes slack off on maintenance is our body. Hopefully we exercise to maintain good health, but there are other ways we can keep our body healthy too. Recently, I was part of a foot workshop where were taught foot exercises that would benefit people with bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammer toe. Most of the people who attended were dealing or had dealt with one of those issues. The folks who didn’t show up? People who have no foot issues. Yet, if they don’t want foot problems they are exactly the people who should be coming.

And I get it. We are busy and when something is working fine we don’t worry about it and probably take it for granted. We are a society of cures, not preventions. So, after who I saw attending the foot workshop, this is about to become a plug for our upcoming walking workshop. If you have a problem walking you should be there, of course, but if you don’t, you should be there too.

If you are a person who walks (probably most of you as that is our nature), it’s worth considering doing some exercises that will be good for walking. That is, of course, assuming, you want to be able to walk. I’m lucky to have seen a number for friends and relatives live to old age—over 80. Not one of them walks for long periods of time pain free or without getting tuckered out. There walking speed slows with age too. I believe certain exercises could help this, and I wouldn’t be in the profession I am in if I didn’t think it could postpone the general pain that comes from aging. No doubt any good life will put wear and tear on your muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments, but there are exercises you can to try to help minimize what life does to your body. And that is where, I think, pilates excels.
That’s why I’m excited about our upcoming A Walk in the Clouds workshop. We are going to give you exercises that will be beneficial for walking. Some of the exercises you may have done in a pilates class, but they will all be together with a packet you can go home with. You’ll leave with the skills to keep your walking muscles balanced and strong.

We are walking animals. It should be one of the most important things we attempt to maintain.