If you’ve ever taken a pilates class you know there are some odd names to the exercises—the elephant, the boomerang, the seal, the Captain Morgan. The seal I can understand, but I’ve never thought the elephant looks like an elephant. So now it’s your turn to name an exercise. Come up with a fun, or creative, or interesting sounding name that you think could make a good pilates exercise. Post your new pilates exercise name on Facebook.

We’ll pick our favorite new name, design a new exercise (using the pilates basic principles, of course) that fits the name, and do it in all our classes. You don’t have to take one of our classes to submit a name. Anyone can play. You can submit multiple names if you want. Just have fun—like the kind of fun you have when you get to do the seal.

Just coming off a trip to the Grand Canyon some names that come to mind to me are “The Landslide” or “Scorpion Tail,” but I’m pretty sure you can top that!