We were Vegan for one month after reading the China Study, which claimed that eating animal protein was bad for your health. We wanted to see if some of the claims made in the book were accurate. We had blood work drawn a couple days before we started and drawn at the end of the month. Our results just arrived and here they are:


Non Vegan Vegan

Glucose 72 76

Protein 6.6 6.6

Cholesterol 183 143

HDL 61 47

LDL 105 88

HDL Ratio 3.0 3.0


Non Vegan Vegan

Glucose 82 87

Protein 6.7 6.9

Cholesterol 176 145

HDL 65 67

LDL 91 67

HDL Ratio 2.7 2.2

In both cases we were within healthy ranges. Our bad cholesterol (LDL’s) both dropped, but I was surprised to see that my good cholesterol also dropped. Maybe that’s why I was craving eggs constantly.

Not being someone who has a problem with cholesterol or heart disease (as far as I know), the vegan diet would be very hard for me to stick with. However now that I’ve done it for one month I am curious to know if I continued with it, would my numbers stay what they were after a month or change even more drastically?

I know I don’t have it in me to experiment right now.