Over the weekend I went to a friend’s house for dinner and he asked me how the vegan diet was going. And all I did was whine to him, just like I was doing in class the previous week. And then he asked me a question that I’m grateful for. “What do you think is positive about the vegan diet?”

Though in the moment I wanted to respond, “Nothing,” I couldn’t do that. It wasn’t true. For one thing as I mentioned last week it has really gotten me to think about the food I eat and to try new things. But what I really appreciate is the discussions is has created.

People are coming up and talking to me about it after class. Some people even voice their opinion during class. After reading my blog, a friend talked to me about her family’s experiences staying away from dairy and meat at different times in their lives. It turns out my cousins have a dairy free house because their children have a dairy sensitivity (something I hope I don’t have when I can consume dairy again).

It has been a real method for me to learn about other people’s lives, to hear their stories, and to discover many people’s opinions on food and needs when it comes to food.

When I gave up sugar for a month it didn’t get nearly as much discussion. Any thoughts on why people are more interested in my lack of meat and dairy than my lack of sugar?