No, I still don’t have my test results back (total bummer), so we are going to need another vegan update (hopefully next week), but the experiment still lingers in the back of my mind. I think about it when I make my food choices. I now add more vegetables when I order something or plan our meals (although I could still probably use more). Please don’t assume I’m always healthy because I teach pilates. I could happily eat a bowl of pasta with Ragu for one or two meals a day. It’s easy and, what can I say, I like my carbs.

I think about my vegan month when I overeat because I never wanted to overeat on the vegan diet. For me the vegan diet made portion control a piece of cake. Even when the food was good, it was never so good that I wanted to stuff myself. And even when it was good the thought of eating more made me feel bloated.

I still sort of get excited when someone recommends a good vegan recipe. I can’t wait to try a pureed frozen banana with cocoa and/or peanut butter recipe a friend recommended. According to everyone it tastes just like ice cream. While I was doing the experiment I was annoyed with myself for trying it, but now I’m glad. I am pleasantly surprised with the lingering effects.

Even Matt came home the other day and said, “I ordered a salad at lunch today.” This is a very odd occurrence for Matt, but he said he was thinking about the vegan diet and decided he could use a salad.