I’m behind in reading my magazines. I just read Pilates Style January/Febuary 2010, but it listed what they thought were some of the best, new (now semi-new) health research for the year. And I figured I’d share:

1) Interval Training is more effective than long periods of aerobic exercise.

I for one am not going to stop running long distances. It’s too good for my mind, but this is why our new Interval Cardio class is so important. Intervals are all the range right now for increase calorie burn and heart health.

2) Low Fat Diets Aren’t Good

Research is showing that low fat diets are less healthy than moderate fat diets. Experts even claimed that opting for carbs over saturated fats might increase your risk of heart disease.

3) Cholesterol May Not Matter

I actually read about this research study while on the vegan diet and became very discouraged, but it turns out half the people with elevated cholesterol have normal hearts and half the people with heart disease have normal cholesterol. Our good cholesterol and bad cholesterol may not matter as much as the type of bad cholesterol we have. Turns out there are two types of LDL, one that seems not to be negative for our heart and one that is bad. The level of your LDL may only matter if you have the bad type.

4) Inflammation is Key

We are all probably a little inflamed and it looks like that might have more to do with heart health. Apples and onions are some really good foods that act as anti-inflamatories. I’ve been hearing more about inflammation over the past year or so and I find it really interesting. I’m sure a lot more will come of this so keep your eyes and ears open.

5) Calcium won’t Cut it

For strong bones, calcium alone won’t get the job done. You need the right combination of calcium and vitamin D. According to a couple university studies, calcium without vitamin D may not wind up in the bones and instead may become a problem in the body.

6) Meat isn’t equal

A Harvard study that I also read about while being vegan studied meat in different groups and found that red meat didn’t seem to increase heart disease, but processed meats (bacon, hot dogs, cold cuts, etc.) did. Two ounces every day of processed meat increased the risk of heart disease by 42% and the risk of diabetes by 19%

7) Exercise is Good

The research keeps pouring in. Exercise is good for you body, brain, health and mood. It’s just basically awesome!