If I never see another nut again as long as I live I will be happy. I honestly thought I would feel better on the vegan diet. I thought I’d feel lighter. When I was a vegetarian for five years I remember that I never felt as heavy after a meal. I wasn’t actually lighter, but it was just an anecdotal feeling.

Week two felt better overall either because I started getting used to the diet or because I added some fake, processed foods my body is used to, but week one where I ate a lot of soaked and pureed nuts I was a bloated, gassy mess and felt awful the whole week.

Adding a lot of vegetables didn’t make my digestive track happy either. I know veggies are supposed to be great for you, and I believe that, but they can be hard to digest. I often feel like my insides would prefer carbs (usually in the form of pasta, bread, or cereal). Maybe my insides are just lazy and they know digesting carbs will be easier for them than digesting fresh veggies, especially raw veggies.

I’m sure my anti-nut phase will pass because I actually quite like nuts, but as a vegan right now I feel like if someone made me eat another nut I might actually go nuts.