Note to Self: You may think that the night you start a vegan diet based on reading a book that if you see the author of said book in an interview it would only impress upon you the benefits of said diet more, but you would be wrong.

In the book that inspired me and Matt to start this Vegan diet, the author talks about how he is on in years, but how eating no animal protein has kept him active and with it. He compares himself with a couple friends with dementia, and I suppose if you compare yourself with dementia patients and you have all your mental faculties you would seem great, but I compare people to my grandparents.

The author is 77, assuming the accuracy of the internet. If I were going to give up all animal protein, at the age of 77 I’d want to be doing a whole lot better than this guy. He was slow moving, didn’t get the basic point of some very basic questions, missed all the humor and basically seemed like an old man. Both of my grandparents were and are meat eaters. One passed away at 85, but he seemed young and vital until 80 (and in fairness to him asbestosis greatly hindered him). My other grandfather turned 90 in March. It is only in the past couple of years that he has really started to seem old.

I’d rather be at the activity level of my grandparents than the author of this book. Oh man, this is going to be a long month.

I remember when I was growing up and I would pick the skin off my chicken my grandfather would say, “What are you doing? Your great-grandma ate the fat on her chicken and she lived to be 95.” She was active and healthy until three months before she died. I’m starting to see my grandpa’s point even more.