So it has been nearly one week without any animal products. And I’ve already had to face what I think are two or the largest problems with being vegan. One: telling people you are vegan. It’s a awkward, but it’s especially difficult if someone is having you to their house for dinner. I never want to put people out, but unless I bring my own food, realistically being vegan can easily make cooking more difficult.

And two: time consumption. Planning, cooking, and preparing vegan food is very time consuming. I’m sure it would get easier and I get more used to it, but right now, it takes a lot of time. Even reading every label very specifically for any animal products take a long time. At the same time, we are trying all these fun new recipes and I really enjoy that.

A sample of some of my food so far:

Raw Lasagna

Quinoa Salad

Soy Dog

Cereal with Rice Milk