I’m twisted (physically, but perhaps mentally too). It’s true. I’ve noticed when I’m taking classes or when I’m teaching classes, I can twist to the right a lot easier than I can twist to the left. I may have always been this way, but I only really noticed is about a month ago.

Then last night I was flipping through pictures and I noticed that I am frequently twisted to the right. It’s as if in nearly every picture I was standing in one direction and someone wanted to take my picture, but I was too lazy to move, so I left my feet planted and just twisted from the waist up to face them.

I need to start twisting to the left a little more. Anyone want to do the spine twist with me right now?

Here’s how you do it:

• Sit tall in your chair
• Extend your arms out to the sides (palms down)
• Exhale: Twist to the left for a count of three
• Inhale: Return to center
• Exhale: Twist to the right for a count of there
• Inhale: Return to center
• Repeat up to eight times each side