One of the changes I’ve been trying to make this New Year is to vary my diet. I often eat the same foods. It’s a lot easier and cheaper.

Last week I think I had pretty good success with this. My breakfasts were similar. I think I had toast with peanut butter each day, but the side varied–one day a pomegranate, one day eggs, one day a grapefruit.

But my favorite part of the variety was that I decided to try and make something I’d never made before. It has been a long time since I’ve hunted through my cookbooks to make something new. I really enjoy experimenting, so it made me happy to have made time for it. I made string beans with an almond butter, ginger dressing and spinach, ricotta lattice pie.

I really enjoyed making dinner and couldn’t wait to try it. I was a little disappointed when the spinach pie tasted like nothing, but the string beans and dressing were so good. I will definitely make them again. Put a little dressing on the pie and now we we’re getting somewhere. Live and learn I guess. I probably won’t make the pie again.

The pie may not have been the greatest, but I’m always proud when I create something that looks that good. And I felt good after each meal.