Okay, so when I stepped on the scale the first Monday after New Year’s I decided we clearly need to eat Christmas cookies all year round. Here is my warped thinking…
It was only fair that I gained four pounds this Christmas (so long two pounds that I’d lost since starting my healthy lifestyle) because I spent most of the days eating. I ate so much and was full a great deal of the time. This is unfortunate because it never feels good to be full. Once I’m full I’m always frustrated.
But here is the thing, at Christmas there are so many foods–cookies, breads, creamy onions, stuffing, egg nog, pomegranates–that we only get to eat once a year during a very short window. In addition to these food there are foods we see rarely–homemade apple and blueberry pie, turkey and gravy, homemade chocolate pudding–that we just have to have a taste of them too. I found myself eating more of something because I had the thought, well, I’m not going to get this again until next year. So I can’t help but wonder, if I made Christmas cookies throughout the year, would I eat less at Christmas?

In truth, no matter what time of year it is or what is in front of me, I have to learn to stop eating before I’m full. Because there is no good excuse for that.