AnJeane currently teaches Personal Euphoria pilates classes in New Britain and Plainville. She loves pilates because it takes her mind off of everything else. She says, “I become totally consumed with performing the exercises correctly and for me it’s just a total mind, body, spirit connection.”

She has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education with a minor in Psychology from Saint Joseph College. In addition to being a pilates instructor, she has a background in ballet and gymnastics and has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. AnJeane’s favorite book is Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice and she can never say no to any dessert that involves peanut butter.

Of her teaching style, AnJeane says, “I like to provide a lot of explanation so that the client truly understands what they should be feeling and doing. What’s most important to me as an instructor is that the client really performs the exercises correctly so that they get the full benefit of each and every class!”