Businessman Surfing on Conference Table

Mondays can be hard. Getting up (especially in the dark) and heading back to work after a great or busy weekend isn’t easy. I really like my job and it’s not easy. Sometimes you just want the freedom to have flexibility and fun without any restrictions. So no matter how much you love your job, having a longer weekend never hurts.

That being said, I woke up this morning excited because there were classes and parts of my job that I was looking forward to. It made Monday a lot better. And so I began thinking, Monday would be a lot easier to handle if I made sure there was at least one thing a little different about my week to ensure that I’m kept on my toes and am looking forward to something new. Maybe it’s showing a client a new exercise. Maybe it’s a whole new class. Maybe it’s training with another elder (or trying pole dancing with some of our other instructors).

It doesn’t just work for Pilates instructors. Can you make time for on the job fun during your work weeks so that life remains and interesting adventure? Very often life is what you make of it.