If you missed our e-newsletter last week and didn’t get to see our instructor spotlight, fear not. Here is what Heather had to say:

Heather currently teaches Pilates classes in Bloomfield and Tolland. She loves Pilates because “it has brought new attention to my body.” She went to college to study fine arts, and is now a practicing photographer. In addition to being a Pilates instructor, she is the Coordinator of Adult Public Programs at the New Britain Museum of American Art and a mom to four grown children. She claims to have a million hobbies, including hiking, reading (her favorite being The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy), walking, and of course…art! Of her teaching style, Heather says, “The most important point I try to get across to my students is the time and commitment it takes to strengthen our entire body. One hour a couple of times a week is such an important time to give to ourselves to work on our own bodies. As your teacher, for one hour, I try to help you redefine your own image.”