I love grilled cheese. I love almost anything that involves cheese, but I don’t really like butter–I’m lucky that way. I can eat butter in mashed potatoes or in pie crust, but I don’t add it to my food and don’t like it on toast. So when I order a muffin or a grilled cheese and it comes smothered in butter, I’m always disappointed. Nothing can ruin a good pancake for me like butter.

For years I’ve been making my own grilled cheese in olive oil, but it’s not right. I’ve never been happy with it, and then last night I had a thought. It seemed brilliant at the time, but now it seems fairly obvious. Here’s what I did to make a delicious grilled cheese and cut out some of the sat fat. And it really was yummy.

Grilled vegetable sandwich on plate, close-up

Recipe for Healthier Grilled Cheese


2-3 Slices Cheese (I use white Land-0-Lakes American Cheese, sliced thin)
2 Slices of Good Bread (something with flavor like an oat of a nut bread)
1 Tomato (if you are so inclined and the tomatoes look tasty at the grocery store)


  • Place bread in toaster and toast once to your preferred level of darkness
  • Add cheese to one slice and bake in toaster oven until melted
  • Remove from toaster
  • Add 2 slices of tomato
  • Top with second piece of toast
  • Enjoy!

You may want to stick some tinfoil under the bread when you start to melt the cheese to reduce clean up if any of the cheese melts off the bread.