In our last e-newsletter Katy featured Jessica (one of our instructors), so if you didn’t see the e-newsletter, you can read about her here:

Jessica has been practicing Pilates for nearly seven years. She started when she was becoming bored with her workouts and needed a way to spruce them up! Jessica was taking classes with Maggie, when Maggie encouraged Jessica to begin teaching herself. She loves helping others to reach their fitness goals.

Jessica teaches first grade in Bristol at the school she herself went to grade school in! When school is out, she catches up her reading. She likes to read all genres yet “beach reads” are especially her favorite. The beach is where you can find Jessica reading as well as out boogie boarding.

Jessica is also an avid traveler. Her favorite places include Boston, Chicago, New York City, Vegas, and the Caribbean.
Jessica also has two cats that she loves even though she is allergic to them! Despite her allergy, her cats are a part of her family and loves to cuddle with them. Jessica teaches in Bristol and Plainville.

Dream Vacation: Europe and Australia

Cats Names: Milo and Baby

Favorite Foods: pizza and ice cream (just not together!)