Salads can be deceptive. Some make the argument that by the time you’ve piled on all the cheese, dressing, and meats you might have well gone for a burger. I think even though you can make a salad high in calories, depending on what you put in it, you are getting more variety in your foods and adding lots of veggies. So here are some of my favorite salads to get at local restaurants. I can’t speak for the number of calories or if they are the healthiest meal you can eat, but I sure to enjoy the way they taste.

Alchemy Juice Bar (Hartford): They have good salads, but you must have a salad accompanied by a smoothy. That is what they are great at!

Joey Garlics (Farmington & Newington): Their portions are huge, but their Goat Cheese Salad is regular-sized and delicious!

Tisane (Hartford): I suspect all their salads are good. I’ve never had a bad meal there, but I really like their steak salad–I think it’s a new addition to the menu. Yummy.

Tony D’s (New London): Their house salad is simple and comes with most of their main courses, but their dressing is out of this world.

Of course there is always Cosi, Ruby Tuesday, and Panera Bread for a good sald, but none compare to my favorites above.

So enjoy a night out and feel reasonably healthy.