Okay, I got to try it (and I had my family and some of the Personal Euphoria staff try it too). There were mixed results, but everyone was turned off by the look of it.

You basically squeeze it to break the skin and open it up. The redish-purple skin looks good but tastes bitter.

However, the fruit tastes really good. Unfortunately, the texture leaves something to be desired. It is really slimy. My stepmom thought it looked and felt like a raw shrimp, but place it in your mouth and if you can get past the texture, it really is quite good.
Two of the folks that I had try it said it reminded them of kiwi–I think more in the texture than the flavor. There seems to be a pit in each one, which makes that wedge difficult to eat.
So will I get it again? I wouldn’t be opposed to it, although it was really expensive. The best part was the fun everyone had trying it.