Apparently, American humorist Mark Twain thought the Cherimoya was “deliciousness itself.” I would have to disagree. It’s described as tasting like banana, strawberry, and pineapple, which sounds heavenly, but I thought it tasted more like bad bubblegum. I must admit that my Cherimoya may not have been ripe enough. It is supposed to be soft and fleshy. Mine was still quite firm.

I had also read that the seeds, if eaten, can be poisonous and are used as insecticide and that the skin, if eaten, can cause paralysis for approximately five hours. These facts were a little off putting. They are also very pricey. Still, with all it’s faults we had a fun time trying it. How many fruits have been written about by Mark Twain, look like they were spawned by a reptile and have the ability to harm you if eaten incorrectly? It certainly deserves the title “exotic.”

It’s worth a try. I may not like it, but the Cherimoya is certainly a fruit worthy of recognition and it seems that more people than not enjoy this fruit.