Believe it or not, instructors can’t read minds. We wish we could, but as far as I know there is no certification in mind reading yet. That being said, it is important for you to give your instructor feedback. At Personal Euphoria, I know that our instructors like to know your feelings about the class. Here are just some of the topics it is important to bring up with your instructor.

  • Any exercises you don’t understand
  • Any pain you experience
  • Whether you like tactile confirmation during exercises (Does it help you learn the exercise when an instructor touches your shoulders or back or does it make you uncomfortable?)
  • Whether the class feels too easy or too hard
  • If you know you’ll miss a class or be late or need to leave early

Talking with your instructor will help you get a better class experience and that is what everybody wants. It’s also important to feel comfortable enough to ask any question you have on your mind. Nothing should feel too stupid or embarrassing.

If an instructor doesn’t know the answer she/he can look it up and get back to you. If it’s on nutrition or something that is out of our jurisdiction, we can let you know that. But anything is fair game to ask.