Right about now the count down is on for summer vacation. People are getting geared up for trips and time off work. Unfortunately, with vacation often comes a loss of schedule and difficulty keeping up with your fitness routine. Here are some tips for traveling and staying healthy:

  • When booking a hotel see if they have a fitness center or pool. Then remember your swimsuit or workout clothes.
  • Dinner share. So you want to try everything on the menu? Share an appetizer and a dinner with your travel companion. Then you get to taste a little of everything without feeling super-stuffed.
  • Walk from tourist site to tourist site instead of taking a cab or bus.
  • Pack a handy fitness tool that is easy to travel with like a flex band. You can pull it out and do exercises in your hotel room.
  • Pack a couple of healthy snacks like fruit or granola bars and eat them on the plane or in the car instead of plane food (which you rarely get anymore anyway) or fast food.
  • Take stairs instead of elevators when available–in the parking garage, the airport, the hotel.