I think Pilates is great, and I support doing the exercises lifelong, but even Joseph Pilates knew that it wasn’t all you needed for a healthy life. The muscles and body need variety.

One thing Pilates typically does give you (unless you are moving through the workout at a pretty fast clip) is a cardiovascular workout. So consider speed walking or taking a kickboxing class. It’s important to do exercises that get your heart rate up and strengthen that very important muscle.

Pilates does work the muscles, but that doesn’t make it a substitute for weight lifting, which is extremely good for men and women especially as we age.

While Pilates is only one part of the component in a healthy lifestyle what is truly wonderful about the exercises is that you can do Pilates everyday, unlike weight lifting. How ever often you practice Pilates is better than never, but you don’t ever have to worry about over doing it with Pilates.