Okay, so if you’ve been reading this blog, you know in 2008 I went a month without soap and a month without shampoo (the later which resulted in my ceasing the use of shampoo to this day).

I’d like to continue these little self challenges and experiments in 2009. If you have any suggestions of something I could try to go without for a month, I’m interested in hearing them.

For February I’m going without dessert for a month. So far so good. It actually hasn’t been that hard, which is surprising because when ever you know you can’t have something you tend to want it more. Technically, I started the last week in January, so it really will be a full month, but admittedly I opted to go without dessert in February because it is the shortest month.

When I was a little girl my maternal great-grandma used to offer us Fig Newtons when we visited her. She only let us eat two Fig Newtons and was apparently a woman of great will power when it came to her diet. I have never been good at eating only two cookies. And, lately, I noticed that I have started to get quite a sweet tooth. The holiday season made the intake of sugary foods much easier. So cutting dessert seemed like a good option for my first challenge in 2009

Whenever I cut back on sweets I notice that I feel better, so I’m pretty sure I will know the results of this little experiment. The trouble will be finding a balance and learning to eat only two cookies for the rest of the year.