I know you are supposed to be paying attention to important information during meetings, but a meeting is also a time you can practice muscle isolation and no one will know. Here are some ways do get some extra work done during a meeting:

  • Try to engage your core muscles (kegel and belly button pulled toward spine) throughout the duration of the meeting. Don’t engage them has tight as you can. Think of them as an elevator that you can engage between floors 1 and 5. Try to keep them at floor 2 for the the whole meeting.
  • Practice isolating your glutes (butt muscles). Squeeze one and then the other.
  • Work on shoulder isolation (elevation, depression, protraction and retraction). This is a motion people might notice, but they shouldn’t be too bothered. It will look like you’re just trying to loosen up your shoulders, which you are.
  • Straighten you legs under the table. This contracts your quads while giving your hamstrings a stretch. Hold while one person talks; release when they are done.
  • Try very small pelvic tilts, rocking from neutral to imprint. Try to make sure the rest of your body doesn’t move. This will give you more control and make sure no one knows you’re doing it.

Think of it as multi-tasking. That’s appreciated in the working world. Truth is, while people might think it’s a little odd. No one should be too bothered even if they know you’re moving your body. Exercise makes for better employees.