It’s not always easy to find time to do everything we need to do let alone find the time for the things we want to do. Often, exercise is one of the items we put to the wayside. I guess that’s not a huge surprise. Even if we know it’s good for us, we don’t always feel like doing it. Sometimes working out can feel like a chore.

When the pressure of life builds up, we opt out on fitness, just when we need it the most. Exercising boosts self esteem, provides more energy, and creates a healthier mind and body. Moving the body, along with eating right, is so beneficial. So why do so many people get the feeling that taking the time to workout does a disservice to everyone around them? We don’t feel so bad about cooking a healthy meal for our family. It seems obvious how they reap the benefits.

Making time to exercise is not only important for personal health, but also for friends and family. Not only can your actions potentially inspire someone else to fitness, but relationships improve when you exercise. You have more energy to give everyone. With the boost in self esteem, you might be able to say no when you really don’t have the time for something. When you feel better about yourself, your interactions with everyone around you will improve.

So finding time for yourself whether it’s to exercise, take a bath, meditate, or read a good book benefits everyone you come in contact with. Exercising reduces stress and anxiety. It’s a powerful tool if you can find a daily routine that includes a workout. If you struggle to find time and want to incorporate family and friends into you fitness routine, try to find a running partner or a Pilates partners, take the family out for a walk after dinner, get a group of friends together for a game of tag-football. Find ways to make exercise fun. You don’t have to exercise alone to get the personal benefits.

Making exercise enjoyable and working out with friends and family will not only make fitness feel like less of a chore, but also might entice you to do it more. Always remember, it’s okay to make and take time for yourself. You don’t have to feel selfish. You’re actually being altruistic and making life better for everyone around you. It’s all about the mindset.