Sitting in the car for hours can be a real pain in the back, literally. Flights aren’t usually much better. Pilates is a great way to gently move the body so that it doesn’t get as stiff while you’re stuck sitting in one place.

Whether in a plane, a bus, or a car try doing some pelvic tilts to release tension in the lower back and hips. Press your lower back firm against the sit, pulling your belly button to your spine. Then rock your lower back away from the seat creating a neutral spine. Repeat for as long as desired.

Work out kinks in your shoulders, by doing elevation, depression, protraction, and retraction. Arm circles may not be the best option in a tight space, so save them for the airport or when you make that pit stop along the highway. For elevation and depression, just slide your shoulder blades up toward your ears and then gently glide them back down, controlling the movement. Try to focus on keeping the scapula flat against the ribcage. For protraction and retraction, you can leave you arms down (unlike in class). Roll your shoulders forward and then pull them back and down your spine.

Add a lateral stretch. Sit nice and tall in your seat. Stabilize your hips, which should somewhat restrict your range of motion. Flex your body over to one side without leaning your chest forward. In confined spaces, you can keep you arms out of it. Just rest them comfortably in your lap.

There’s so many more options of little tips you can do to ease the body’s tension on a trip. We’ll add more suggestions the next couple days in case you’ll be in the car for a weekend trip like I will this weekend.