Finally, here are a few more wonderful exercises for cramped spaces (or as Courtney pointed out also good for those long days sitting in front of a computer).

For the Back and Chest

1) Sit tall in your seat, lengthening your spine.
Feel your low back imprint (push gently) against the back of your seat.
Your head and shoulders should be resting comfortably against the back of the seat.
Then arch only your upper back, as if you are sticking your chest out.
Hold for as long as is comfortable.
Release and Repeat.

It’s a small range of motion, but feels great through your chest and upper back, especially if you’ve been sitting with your shoulders rolled forward, hanging over in the car or at the computer.

For the Hips

2) Sit up nice and tall.
Leave your left foot comfortably on the floor, like you’re sitting in a chair (which you probably are).
Cross your right leg over your left thigh. (Generally, depending on your flexibility, your right ankle should be just above your left knee.)
Lean forward, from the hip joint, keeping the back long.
Only stretch as far as feels comfortable.
Hold for a few deep breaths.
Sit up and then hinge forward again to repeat.
Don’t forget to do the other side when you’re done.

Have a great trip. I hope these tips help make traveling a little easier.