Plank Story: Elementary school games

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This is an oldie, but a goodie from over a decade ago.  My friends were turning twenty-five.  It may be laughable now, but we were struggling with aging and growing up.  I’m actually more comfortable with getting older now than I was then.  Since today is Julie’s, my best friend from elementary school, birthday, it seemed only fitting to pull this from the archive.  Happy Birthday, Julie.  And to every twenty-five-year-old: it’s going to be okay.

Elementary School Games

Upon turning twenty-five, in Peter Pan fashion, Julie planned a birthday party for herself filled with elementary school games like bombardment, kick ball, and spud.

On average, I’d guess the attendees at the party were between twenty-five and thirty-five.  The point is, we would be categorized a young, at least according to my grandma.

After five hours of playing games designed for children, I injured my hip (which would result in a visit to a physical therapist), Julie’s right ear became permanently attached to her right shoulder due to a kink in her neck (that required massage and physical therapy to undo), and Matt hurt his […]

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Work Out & Stay Young

In case you need yet another argument to help motivate you to move, here is a great one. A recent study at a university in Ontario indicated that exercise may reduce the aging process. Who doesn’t want to stay young longer and postpone aches and pains?

The study tested mice that were aging more rapidly than regular mice. The mice were made to exercise for 45-minutes three times a week. Some of their mitochondria (the power house of cells) were repaired, which in turn improved their muscle mass and the quality of their fur.

So next time you’re feeling old, get out and get moving to stay young!

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