Warning: This week’s blogs are all about how my vegan diet is going. You’ve been forewarned.

So I spent last week whining to all my classes about being a vegan. I thought I had outgrown whining, but apparently if you feed me the wrong food, I quickly regress. So here are just some concerns I have with being vegan. They are minor dilemmas for me, but ones I don’t have answers too.

1) All the fake meat and cheese that is available for vegans and vegetarians seems odd to me. I feel that if I were being a real vegan I wouldn’t eat any of that. Plus it’s all processed, and I’m not sure if that is the point of this exercise. In week one I ate very little of the processed fake meat, but because preparing vegan food was so time consuming, I started eating a lot more in week two. Life was easier in week two, but I feel like I’m cheating. So what is the right answer for actual vegans? Do you eat […]