Kate Winslet on Liking Your Body

I may not be able to say it better than Kate Winslet, but her comment is so true. And I get it. It’s not a guilt trip to my mom because she didn’t tell me how comfortable she was with her body. When I was a kid, every adult woman I knew was always trying to lose weight, usually for an event, almost never for their health. And most of them were miserable with the fact that they had to exercise or eat better. Getting skinny seemed like a wretched undertaking every woman strived for.

At no point in my life have I felt completely comfortable with my own body. I work with a lot of women and most of them have parts (or, sadly, wholes) of themselves they really don’t like, even if you and I would think they look fantastic. We often miss the fantastic in ourselves. And women don’t fish for compliments about their body. What would be the point? Most of use wouldn’t believe it anyway.

I think part of the problem is the barrage of pictures we see […]

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Weight Loss Tips

There are some key lifestyle changes that can help you lose weight.  They can take time and be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a try.  Consider this list and maybe pick three you think you can do.  We’d love to hear which three you think would be the easiest to stick to or which ones you are already doing.
1)      Take notes about everything you eat—use excel, a notebook, or your phone
2)      Measure what you eat
3)      Eat […]

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The Fat Trap

Last week I was listening to NPR and heard a really interesting discussion on weight loss based on a New York Times Magazine article called “The Fat Trap” written by Tara Parker-Pope. Since I was in and out of the car I only heard portions of the radio show, but I came home and read the article.

At first I found it so disheartening I wasn’t going to share it, but then I thought that if knowledge is power it might actually be helpful and there are aspects of the article that are very interesting. It discusses just how difficult it is to maintain weight loss. If you struggle with maintaining your weight you’ll either find the article frustrating because it explains why it is so hard and there is not much you can do about it or comforting because it helps explain why you might be having difficulty.

I have to question the science a little (which might provide some hope). Most of the studies put people on extremely low (and I would argue unhealthy) calorie diets to lose weight fast. While the article briefly touched on this at the end, I suspect that […]

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Wife Carrying Contest

I want to participate in the Wife Carrying Contest. A few weeks ago in class, a client informed me that such a thing exists. She and her husband came in fourth place a few years ago. The concept seems thrilling to me (the carried), but less thrilling to Matt (the carrier).

Knowing this race existed made me consider getting married. But luckily you don’t have to be legally married to participate so Matt and I can totally compete in this race. Nowadays they don’t even make the guy carry the girl, which could end up being a problem for me.
I came home so excited and expecting Matt to be excited too. But what you must realize is that Matt and I basically weigh the same amount. We both weigh in under 140. Matt is pretty convinced that anyone who would do well in […]

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Run to Health

Nick Miller and I went to high school together. Since then we have found each other on Facebook, and he has been such an inspiration to me. I’ve been debating whether or not to run the Hartford Half Marathon based on how I feel. And then I read this article on Nick and once again he inspired me. I have no excuse.

I was interested in what Nick said at the end of the article in the New London Day about change and challenge. At first I was stunned because I spend a good portion of my life trying to convince people that starting small is worth it. I’ve even tried to convince people to start smaller because sometimes if you take on too much at once you can get injured or it will be so overwhelming you won’t stick with it. Small steps really can make a big difference. And if you go from doing nothing to walking even 20-minutes a day, you will start to lose weight, assuming you don’t change anything […]

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