The Challenge Update

So my first challenge the Ragnar Relay was awesome. My second challenge the Warrior Dash was a dud. The Dash wasn’t, but I had an ear infection and couldn’t go. I wanted to be the people in these pictures, but I didn’t get to be (at least this year). My third challenge was going to be to hike the Grand Canyon, but we got rejected from the permit pool. (Keep your fingers crossed because I’ve applied again.) The Grand Canyon still may happen, but I was starting to feel a bit disillusioned with my challenges.

It wasn’t just that they weren’t working out as planned, but at first I felt like I was only getting prepared for them one week in advance, which wasn’t really the point. Then I started hiking a lot and was feeling like I was in really great hiking shape when I got the news that we were rejected for […]

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Best Shape of My Life Challenge: Warrior Dash

So, I’m on this healthy lifestyle, right? I have a goal to get in the best shape of my life this year. The challenge started March 27th, and so far I’ve been sick about half the time. So what’s the lesson here? It’s a lesson, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to hear. It’s a lesson that created a debate in my house all last week.

This was the debate:

Matt: I don’t think we should go the Pennsylvania to do the Warrior Dash. You’ve been really run down and I don’t want to see you get sick again, especially two weeks before we leave for Switzerland.

Maggie’s Mind: Damn, he’s right, but it totally sucks.

Maggie Aloud: What do you want me to do, never work out again? I am feeling better. And, I really want to do the Warrior Dash. And I really want to see the friends we were going to see down there.

Matt: Me too, but is it worth it?

Maggie’s Mind: No, I don’t want to get pharyngitis again, but come on…this totally sucks!

Maggie Aloud: Let’s think on it and decide Friday.

(Note: this […]

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Warrior Dash Prep

Okay—so I’m supposed to run the Warrior Dash in Pennsylvania tomorrow. It is my second physical challenge of my 30th year. And here is what I’ve done to prepare for it:

That empty space about sums it up: a whole lot of nothing. I didn’t prepare for the Ragnar Relay as well as I wanted either, but I thought lesson learned; I’ll do better next time. It wasn’t entirely my fault since I got sick, but I hadn’t even looked through the course. Then a friend said to me, “You do know you have to run through fire, don’t you?”

“Um, no,” was my response. I looked at the course and it appears that I will actually be trying to leap over fire, which I think I’ll be able to do fairly well. So I’m a little less concerned. Plus I’ll have shoes on, so it should be as bad as it sounds.

Point is, I’m going to have to double time it for challenge there in order to make up for one and two. My challenge idea is still cool, but right now it isn’t serving its original purpose.

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Healthy Challenge vs. Pharyngitis

Am I on a healthy challenge? You could have fooled me. Technically this challenge is from March 27, 2011 to March 26, 2012 (based on my birthday instead of the year). I’d be doing great if it weren’t for a stupid problem called pharyngitis. (It shouldn’t exist, spell check doesn’t know what it is and no one has ever heard of it.)

I got pharyngitis on April 2nd, again on May 13, and again on May 27th. This has been conflicting with my workouts, by which I mean I really haven’t been working out that much at all. Last week I went an entire week without one workout (except a 10-minute pilates class I put myself through). Sometimes the body needs that, but I’m getting a little stir crazy. My next challenge, the Warrior Dash, is coming up in a week and I haven’t trained at all.

Ugh—the best laid plans, I guess. In truth, feeling crummy will only make me appreciate feeling good when I’m back to normal.

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