Toe Socks

I have fallen in love with toe socks. Every time I put a pair on, I feel like each toe is getting its own little hug. They are so comfortable. I’ve tried a couple of different brands but my Smart Wool and Toe Socks brand give the best toe-hugs. (And I don’t even feel pathetic actually having written that.) I’m also not getting paid to say that.

Plus, I love the advertisements for Toe Socks. I think they are very well done, although they have taken some heat because of the nudity in the ads (you see nothing). Toe socks and the mild winter have enabled me to keep wearing my five-fingered shoes when I wanted to throughout the winter.

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Five Fingers Update–A Walk in ME

So they suggest building up slowly. I walk around barefoot a lot and they felt so comfortable that I think I might have gotten a little cocky. I took a two-mile walk around Wethersfield in them and all was good. That seemed to motivate me.

So last weekend when Matt and I went to Ogunquit, Maine, I went on a five mile walk. We walked to the beach, across the beach (where I discovered that Vibram Five Fingers leave the most awesome footprints because it looked like my bare feet had designs on them), back to the road, along the cliff walk, and back along the road. Three miles was my peak. After that I was in agony. My toes were really cramping—maybe it was the colder weather, but my feet didn’t feel that cold in them, so I think it was the walking.

We stopped for lunch and I thought the break would make it all okay, but it didn’t. My toes cramped immediately when we starting up again and only got worse. The […]

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Vibram Five Fingers

So I got myself a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. I’ve wanted them because I’m really curious about whether or not they are better for your feet, but I’ve hesitated because I think everyone looks downright silly in them. And I think they might be a bit of a fad, and I never really like getting caught up in fads.

But my fascination took over. And I tried a pair. They are so comfortable on my feet. I’m going to start slow, just with walking around. I don’t know that I’ll ever opt to run in them. I’m more apt to try hiking someday.

It’s not as hard to get my toes into them as I expected. After about the first five times I put them on most of the time they go in fairly easily. So far I’m really happy and hoping I can get enough wears in before it gets too cold.

I do look really silly in them though and every time I look at my feet I want to laugh.

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