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My Grandma inside the igloo for her 89th birthday!

My Grandma will be 92 tomorrow.  She lives on her own, cooks for herself, loves the movies, and is interesting to talk to.  She has moments of forgetfulness and relays a lot of stories from the past and her youth.  Now and then my mom will call me to tell me she is worried my Grandma might be losing it a little.  Sometimes my mom seems right and other times I say, “I do the same thing.  If Grandma has dementia then I must too.”

A week after Christmas my Grandma called me to thank me for the beautiful amaryllis I’d given her for Christmas.  She left a message and as I listened, I grew a little sad.  I had not given her an amaryllis.  Perhaps my mom was more right than I realized.  Someone else deserved this thank you.  Not me.  It signaled that my Grandma seemed to be losing it.

Later that night when Matt arrived home, I told him about my Grandma’s message and how my mom might be onto something.  “I didn’t get her an amaryllis,” I told him.  “Yes, […]

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Smoothie Challenge: Do It With Friends

Though I didn’t set myself a deadline, I’m falling behind on my smoothie challenge.  I set a goal of making all 30 smoothies from a new cookbook I got.  Right now I doubt I’ll have tried 30 by the end of the year, which was definitely my intent at the beginning.  I’m only on number five.  I thought I’d try three a week.  I’m lucky when I make two.

I’ve started recruiting my friends to make it more fun.  This week I made one for me and Matt’s sister and then I made a group of friends try one on our regular Survivor night get together.

The one I had with Cindy was my favorite so far.  Survivor night’s was bland, but refreshing.  It takes a real trooper to try the smoothies.  I like to play a game where you guess what’s in it, so there is a bit of trust […]

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Vilifying Food

My boyfriend, Matt, often laughs at me when I tell him what I’m eating is unhealthy. He thinks I’m a healthy eater. I think he is wrong. His perspective is skewed. He would happily eat pizza for every meal, every day. Granted, I almost never go for fast food and I don’t really like fried food, but carbs like pasta with sauce and cheese, pizza and chocolate are some of my favorite foods.

I’ll admit I’m pretty critical of what is healthy. If I make roast vegetables and put some shredded cheese on them I don’t think they are that healthy anymore. I tend to think only vegetables and grilled white meat is good for us. And even then there is a scale in my mind of which vegetables are the healthiest. For […]

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Comstock Ferre–Heirloom Garden

So last summer my cousin helped me (by which I mean my cousin did almost all the work) build me a two tiered garden.  And now this spring I want to plant, plant, plant.  My goal is to do an entire garden of heirloom vegetables, but I don’t have a green thumb so I’m a tad nervous.   I am open to any and all advice.
I went into Comstock Ferre in Old Wethersfield today.  They are the oldest seed company in the country.  There packages of seeds look like art.  It’s really a beautiful place.   I highly recommend you stop by some time, especially if you like to garden, like antiques, or unique artisan crafts.   I bought a book on heirloom gardening that I can’t wait to read.  I plan to […]

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Vegetables for Breakfast

When I decided to have vegetables at every meal, I was most worried about breakfast. I wasn’t sure what you could do besides eggs with some kind of vegetable tossed in or V-8. Those options are okay, except I don’t really like V-8 (although I found a low sodium, organic version at Whole Foods and it wasn’t terrible), and while I like eggs, I don’t want to eat them ever y day or even every other day. I was happy to find that there are other options. I loved the pumpkin muffin I had. I loved even more that the first ingredient was actual, real pumpkin. I think a bran, carrot muffin might be a good idea—both with a small glass of some kind of veggie juice. When I’ve gone to brunch breakfast often comes with a green salad, but I don’t usually associate breakfast with salad. Still, it’s an option. Clearly not a ton of variety here, but a little more than I was expecting. Plus, it got me thinking about options since I really didn’t just want […]

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