Golf Lesson

Jeannine, Barb,  Jess and I get a golf lesson. Jeannine, Barb, Jess and I get a golf lesson.

Golf is a good walk spoiled. –Mark Twain

Apparently Mark Twain never had a golf lesson, because it has become clear to me that knowing how to golf makes all the difference.  This summer the PE staff took a lesson with Mike Vitale at Stanley Golf Course in New Britain.

As a Pilates instructor it should come as no surprise to me that learning how to do something makes it easier and more fun.  I had been to a range before and repeatedly pegged the ball into the ground, and much like Twain drew the conclusion that I didn’t really like golf.

It wasn’t the lesson I doubted as much as myself.  I presumed I was a little hopeless—a former field hockey player in a decade when they eliminated air balls now attempting to swing a long stick to put a ball in the air instead of send it rolling along the ground. Next time I won't wear a skirt.  I guess I wanted a call-back to my [...]
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Components of a Paleo Post-Workout Meal

The following post is a guest blog from my cousin, Laura Scaviola.  Hope you enjoy the great tips, fabulous photos, and yummy recipes all thanks to Laura and her blog Mangia Paleo.

You know that feeling after you eat a giant bowl of pasta or a few slices of cheesy pizza? It makes you want to go lay down after eating, right? Well the paleo diet doesn’t allow that feeling. The diet suggests eating food (read: nutrition!) that our body truly needs to function. Look at it this way – eating should be to fuel your body. Your post-workout meal should be a response to the workout you just did. The paleo food pyramid is much different than the staple USDA food pyramid. The paleo food pyramid puts lean meat on the bottom, veggies after that, and fruit/fat in the smaller areas. It’s something helpful to keep in mind when thinking about portions.

Generally a balanced plate is important. A proper rule of thumb for a balanced paleo plate is this:

1. Lean protein

2. Starchy Veggies

3. Nutrient-dense greens

In that order.


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Happy Halloween

I love this time of year. I even love the candy, but that’s not such a good thing.

Can you set a candy deadline in your house and throw away any leftover candy on that day? It’s okay to throw food away when it’s not healthy for you. Try not to eat it all before the deadline. Limit your candy intake each day and then trash the rest.

Maybe you can give your kids a penny/nickel/dime for every piece of candy they throw away.

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To Everyone Who Takes Our Classes–

I know we have had a lot of cancellations this winter. We can’t control the weather, but we do apologize. I know it’s hard, especially for new people who have never done pilates. It’s really hard to get in the groove and learn what pilates really is. Stick with it! And feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you may have.