Easter Eggs

It’s a little late for more Easter eggs, but I only just got the pictures on my computer.

My stepmother taught us how to make Ukrainian Eggs when we were kids and since then, we’ve made them nearly every year. It’s quite a process and takes about two to three hours, working on two to three eggs at at time. (I have found that makes the process faster. If you only make one egg at at time there is a lot of waiting as the eggs sit in dye and it takes two hours to make one.) It’s a wonderful family tradition and I’m glad I know how. These eggs are the one craft I have done my whole life, and I look forward to making them for family and friends every year.

My sister joined me this year and we made eggs together. Pictured below are my eggs for 2010.

Looking at this first picture with the eyes of a Pilates instructor, I think that it seems impossible to have good posture while making eggs, but my sister seems to be sitting pretty upright. I’m impressed.