Triathlon Training Part IV: I Have Exercise ADHD

The third time I hop in the pool to train for my triathlon, I’m not fast. I’m not sure I’ll ever be fast. I was back up to 25-minutes again, but I definitely didn’t push myself as hard. Not because I couldn’t, but because I kept getting distracted. I’m the same way when I walk. I fall into a leisurely pace. I actually have to think, walk faster, walk faster, in order to walk faster or I naturally slow down. I’m not sure if speed walkers need a constant reminder to keep going. It’s the same thing with swimming for me. The second my mind wonders, my speed disappears. But my mind wanders a lot—from what I’m going to do in a class, to how cool Mark Twain is, to what I’ll eat later.

I think my exercise ADHD will hold me back from ever winning a race. And I’m totally okay with that.

Instead of speed, I worked on not touching the sides so that I don’t get that brief second of having a security blanket. I think I’ll be okay in the open water, even though everyone tells me that is what I should be nervous about. It’s […]

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Triathlon Training Part II

I got my lazy behind to the gym, with the realization that I had completely ruled out learning how to do the crawl before August 4th.  I will be doing this tri with the breast stroke.  I’m not out to win it, just finish, so my stroke really doesn’t matter.  Multiple friends provided tips on how to do the breast stroke more effectively.  For example, apparently your body should be as vertical as possible.  It should not go through the water, like mine, at an angle that creates drag. 

I shoved ear plugs in my ears because I hate getting water in my ears—that neurosis stems from multiple ear infections as a kid.

Within a half a lap I came to the realization that I had never, in my entire life, attempted to swim hard.  I had only ever gone swimming recreationally.  Even if I raced anyone it was to the other side of an above ground pool—less than half a lap […]

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Ragnar Relay New England: Part One–Getting Ready

I never wanted to run the Ragnar Relay. Quite frankly when I first heard about it, I thought it sounded like a terrible idea. You run from New Haven to Boston, and when you’re not running you’re trapped in a van transporting runners along the route. This didn’t seem like a way I wanted to spend a weekend.

But then a group of women that I enjoy working out with really wanted to do it, and so did Katy, one of our instructors. I was easily coerced because I was turning thirty and looking for four unique physical challenges throughout the year.

So many people wanted in that we had to form two teams. Team 1 was the official Old Wethersfield Boat Camp team (OWBC), the group I work out with. I agreed to be Captain of team two, which had a total of about six people on board. You need 12 for a full team, unless you are an ultra team and want to run the entire 200 miles with only six people, […]

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