Golf Lesson

Jeannine, Barb,  Jess and I get a golf lesson. Jeannine, Barb, Jess and I get a golf lesson.

Golf is a good walk spoiled. –Mark Twain

Apparently Mark Twain never had a golf lesson, because it has become clear to me that knowing how to golf makes all the difference.  This summer the PE staff took a lesson with Mike Vitale at Stanley Golf Course in New Britain.

As a Pilates instructor it should come as no surprise to me that learning how to do something makes it easier and more fun.  I had been to a range before and repeatedly pegged the ball into the ground, and much like Twain drew the conclusion that I didn’t really like golf.

It wasn’t the lesson I doubted as much as myself.  I presumed I was a little hopeless—a former field hockey player in a decade when they eliminated air balls now attempting to swing a long stick to put a ball in the air instead of send it rolling along the ground. Next time I won't wear a skirt.  I guess I wanted a call-back to my [...]
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I Tried A Chiropractor…And I Liked It

I went to the chiropractor for the first time. I’ve debated about going for years and since people always ask my opinion on chiropractors I thought it was something I should try. Although, I wouldn’t have tried it unmotivated.  Really, though, the tale is rather uneventful.

I went to Gina Carucci in Rocky Hill because she came recommended from multiple people, both clients and colleagues. What finally pushed me there was some remnants of chostocondritus (see earlier blog…I pretty much whined about it all winter). While I’d made huge progress with time, ice, anti-inflammitories, Pilates and massage, there was still a general mild ache that wouldn’t go away. It was an ache I could have lived my whole life with but didn’t want to.

I went. She made some adjustments and I found instant relief. Now I will say, one thing that actually encouraged me to try chiropractic was a great sports medicine doctor (Dr. Czarnecki in Glastonbury). He had done what I imagine is something like an adjustment to me before and I’ve also had instant relief.  Full disclosure:  I love being poked, prodded, pulled and moved around.

I’m not sure it’s so instant for everyone.  I think I was […]

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