Working Out in the Morning is Making Me Fat!

I’m a morning person.  Most of my life I would get up early before work to exercise.  And it wasn’t a chore.  That was my time.  I enjoyed it.  But as I’ve gotten older my sleep has also become more important to me.  So I have a new rule.  I won’t get up to exercise if it means I’m setting the alarm before 5:30am. I’ll make an occasional exception.

That means I’m not getting in as many or as long workouts as I used to in the morning.  And it’s taken some adjusting.  I prefer exercising in the morning.  I’ve had to learn to try to fit in exercise in the afternoon.  But here’s the thing, I wasn’t feeling good.  The workout felt fine (once I get moving I always feel better), but by the middle  of the day I was drained.

A friend of mine said, “I think working out in the morning is making me fat.”  It may sound laughable, but I related.  I was so tired from getting up so early to work out that by midday I found myself snacking on anything I could to stay awake.  The snacking was defeating the workout.  I have a hard enough […]