What is fascia?

What is fascia?

Drink fluids for healthy fascia!

This month we are highlighting fascia.  Fascia is the connective tissue that runs along every surface of the body, encasing the organs, muscles, and other soft tissue like a sausage casing or the sections of an orange—where each large and tiny segment of juice is held together by a sleek, thin film.  So the muscles themselves are encased, but so is each muscle fiber.  Fascia is everywhere in our body. There are different types of fascia in your body that serve different purposes.

Fascia helps us move.  It helps make us glide so that when we move our skin, tendons, and muscles don’t stick to all our other parts.  Each part can slither smoothly alongside each other.  Fascia can help the muscles do their job.  When healthy fascia remains springy (for lack of a better word) in movement, the muscles can use less energy and won’t fatigue as quickly because the fascia takes some of the burden of force and helps the body return to its “normal” shape.  Fascia is your friend for all kinds of movement.

Recently it was “discovered” that a particular type of […]

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Tight Calves?

Tight calves?  Feel like you stretch and stretch but get nowhere?  We live in a world of tight calves.  This stiffness probably comes from wearing high heels or shoes with a heel lift (even men’s shoes tend to have a slight heel lift).  Our choice of footwear can alter the length of the muscles of our lower leg, shortening both the muscles and our Achilles tendon.  Sometimes we just feel tight.  Sometimes this tightness can spread to cause other problems in the body like plantar fasciitis or discomfort elsewhere in the body. Stretch the calf muscles with a bent and a straight leg to reduce tight calf muscles! Stretch the calf muscles with a bent and a straight leg.

You are probably familiar with one of your calf muscles—the gastrocnemius.  It’s the muscle you can see when think of a calf muscle.  But underneath the gastroc is another muscle, your soleus.  They both connect to the Achilles tendon so they both affect it.  And they both can shorten and feel tight.  The gastroc gets a good stretch when we flex our foot (toes toward your nose) with the leg […]

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Foot Pain Probably Plantar Fasciitis

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If you have foot pain in the sole of your foot it’s a likely culprit is plantar fasciitis.  Most people have never heard of fascia, but most have heard of plantar fasciitis—a painful inflammation of the fascia in your foot.  Fascia is connective tissue that runs through your whole body.  At the sole of your foot it is a fibrous material that connects to your Achilles’ tendon.  And when it hurts it hurts.  Most people find it especially hurts first thing in the morning.  And that is because fascia responds to movement and hydration.  After sleeping, we haven’t drinking in eight hours and we’ve barely moved.  The fascia stiffens.

Here are some tips to help your fascia feel better.  Some of these are beneficial for the fascia throughout your body.  All are specific to the fascia in your foot causing pain:

  • Drink Water
  • Ice—you can toss and ice pack under your foot whenever you are sitting down or freeze a water bottle and roll it back and forth under your foot.
  • At night use this time as a little R&R and rub some lotion […]
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